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Boston Company Spotlight - CarGurus

As we look to highlight great local companies and sales opportunities for the Top Rep Boston Community, we wanted to welcome a new Boston Company Spotlight feature with Maddy Alves - Director, SEM Sales and Account Management at CarGurus.

Building the world’s most trusted & transparent automotive marketplace

Maddy Alves Director, SEM Sales and Account Management


What exactly does CarGurus do?  

CarGurus uses proprietary technology, search algorithms, and innovative data analytics to provide unbiased insights on car pricing dealer reputation and vehicle history, making it easy for shoppers to find great deals from top-rated dealers. CarGurus also helps dealers and private sellers quickly and easily market their vehicles and connect with ready-to-buy shoppers. Currently, we are the #1 automotive site per comScore when it comes to metrics like monthly visitors (according to the comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, March 2018, U.S.).


Why is it a great platform and product for dealerships?

CarGurus was built with the consumer in mind, which ultimately means that we are providing dealers with qualified, ready-to-buy shoppers. Dealerships work with CarGurus because we deliver an efficient customer acquisition channel driven by the volume of high-quality connections to our users. We not only offer products that help dealers acquire these customers and build their brands, we also help dealers market and sell their cars more efficiently.


What is SEM and why is it important to dealerships?  

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which is an advertising solution that utilizes search engines like Google and Bing to advertise their business. SEM is one of the largest automotive digital marketing investments and is extremely competitive, it is one of the most important tools for dealerships to drive direct traffic to their own website where they get the highest quality and converting shoppers. CarGurus leverages a robust automotive search data set, years of investment and industry-leading technology to provide unmatched results and scale for dealerships.


Why did you decide to become a sales professional?

I decided to become a sales professional because it gave me the control and autonomy to be as successful as I wanted to be. There is a lot of freedom in knowing that you have that type of direct control over your success. However, sales roles and cultures can differ from company to company, and I also wanted to work at a place that supports and fosters a creative, autonomous environment.


What does a top rep look like at CarGurus?

A top rep at CarGurus is adaptable, hardworking and determined. As I previously mentioned, we have an environment that respects rep autonomy and creativity - it’s all about the way you harness them both. A top rep will take complete ownership of their business, grind to get results and are also an awesome person to work with.


What are some perks or benefits that make CarGurus exciting to work for?

There are definitely those perks you can read about online such as free daily catered lunches, an abundance of snacks, transportation reimbursement, and a free gym membership. However, while those perks are important and are more than appreciated, they could technically be offered by other companies as well. The real excitement comes from the people a.k.a “The Gurus” and some of the amazing abilities and talent that reside here. I highly recommend that anyone interested in becoming a Guru should check out CarGurus on LinkedIn and read some of the shared-first accounts of why people like working here. They’ll see that we truly have a collaborative culture with positive, optimistic people. Reading these accounts represents that awesome feeling I have every day when I walk through the door.


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About the Author - Maddy Alves

Maddy has been with CarGurus for nearly four years, she started there as an account executive and has gone on to build and lead various sales teams during her tenure. Prior to CarGurus, Maddy worked at UTC and TechTarget in inside and outside sales roles.