Welcome to Boston Company Spotlight featuring Alex Mackenzie - Director of Sales at Allego. Our goal is to highlight great local sales opportunities for our Top Rep Boston Community!   

Allego’s mission is to help sales teams succeed by enabling them with information and training in a way that  modern salespeople actually learn.

Alex Mackenzie - Director of Sales


What is Allego?  

Allego is a sales learning platform that produces better revenue performance by harnessing the power of mobile devices and video sharing to train, practice, coach and facilitate just-in-time learning within a single app designed for Sales. We work with companies like LogMeIn, Red Hat, Tableau, and John Hancock.


How do you explain Allego to your parents?

Perfect, when you are at home and something breaks, such as a handle or door knob, what do you typically do?  You Google it, you quickly find multiple videos YouTube that show you "how-to-fix it", which you watch a few times, then give it a try and voila, problem solved! 

Unfortunately, the level of on-demand information and "how to's" which sales folks have access to as consumers simply has not caught up in the business world.

Allego allows your sales reps to upload their demos, good, bad and ugly for coaching and feedback purposes. We can record win/loss reviews and share them across the organization so everyone knows the story by watching a 1 minute video. Plus, when your rep has questions about your product or process they can quickly access exactly what they need on their own without bothering any sales engineers or managers.

Most importantly, Allego plugs right into Salesforce.com, making your most relevant videos easily accessible, especially to teammates in a similar deal live right there on the opportunity record.

Allego prevents your sales teams from practicing on your customers.


Who are you selling to and why is Allego a great product?

I joined Allego because I love selling technology to sales teams. Selling to sales (and marketing) is great because they are ROI driven.  If your product really cuts costs or increases revenue above the investment, it’s a no-brainer. And Allego certainly does. I’ve trained lots of sales teams and on-boarded many new reps, which takes a ton of time. Traditional classroom sales training no longer matches the way the modern salesperson actually learns. Salespeople prefer to learn in small chunks over time and the best way to deliver education is on video and mobile. That’s what Allego has built - a slick video learning platform specifically tailored for sales teams.


Why would I want to work in sales at Allego?

Allego is going through an awesome growth phase.  Inc 500 named us the #5 fastest growing private software company. Our CEO and Co-Founder Yuchun Lee previously founded Unica and sold it to IBM for about half a billion dollars. He was also a member of the MIT card counting team made famous by the movie “21” and the book “Bringing Down the House.”

George Donovan the Chief Revenue Officer is an extremely talented sales trainer. He spent his early years leading software sales teams before spending about a decade running a successful Sandler Training franchise. When evaluating what company to join next my 3 pillars were that I wanted to learn, coach and be a part of another winning team. When it comes to coaching, few sales leaders stack up to George.

In addition to having a very experienced team, the problem we are solving actually supports the department of the organization we all work in - sales. The product is something we all use every day and it’s amazing to see our customer’s and prospect’s reaction when they see a demo. Our win rate is ridiculous as a result.


What is does a Top Rep at Allego look like?

I lived through the Mark Roberge methodology at HubSpot and I continue to follow most of his best practices. Unlike HubSpot, Allego is not yet widely known. In addition to being coachable, intellectually curious and self-motivated, to be successful in a quota carrying role here at Allego you have to be a bulldog. I’m looking for people who are not scared to get on the phone and enjoy the hunt in booking their own meetings, all the way to closing the deal. Plus, we give our team a lot of opportunities to collaborate with other departments and to experiment.


What are some special perks, team outings, awards etc at Allego?

Lots of the heavily venture-backed start-ups downtown battle for talent with free lunch and nap rooms. Allego is laser-focused on making customers successful and building a strong, successful business. We are located in a massive 20,000 square foot office out by TripAdvisor in Needham. We have enough space that you never need to book a conference room. I should also mention that the company has been completely bootstrapped, with no outside venture funding. We've been in business 5 years and we are already cash flow positive, which is very different from what I am used to.

More than perks and outings, our mission motivates the team. We help salespeople and other professionals do their jobs better. We all own a piece of Allego and that is the biggest perk I can think of. Plus, working with an entrepreneur who has already had a massive exit is why people are so fired up to be here.

Lastly, we are excited to announce is that Allego will be hosting our first President’s Club trip to the Caribbean for top sales performers in early 2018.


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About the Author - Alex Mackenzie

Alex was born and raised in Newton, MA and studied Business at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. Allego is his 5th MIT founded startup. He joined Grubhub.com and HubSpot pre-IPO and spent time at Leaf (Acquired by NYSE: HPY) and Drafted before joining the Allego team as the first mid-market sales leader.. You’ll find Alex on the water or up in the mountains when not in the office.