For those who are now discovering us, we are here for the sales professionals of the Boston area who are developing and growing their careers. We offer a budding community with practical resources and access to exclusive networks and content.

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Currently, we have 800+ members and regularly host events to highlight Boston’s Top Sales Producers, Leaders and Emerging Companies.  Our events average 75-100 sales pros and provide exclusive content from some of Boston’s biggest names and influencers.

Plus, with the help of our local thought leaders and contributors, we plan to generate relevant content that will prove useful for a wide range of sales professionals. 

Our mission at Top Rep Boston is to serve the underserved and under appreciated sales professional looking to challenge and improve themselves. Whether you are a BDR just beginning to cut your teeth dialing for dollars or a seasoned executive recruiting reps to join your 200 person team, we are the place for you.

We thank you for you visiting Top Rep Boston and greatly appreciate your support.  Most of all, we hope that we can be a resource for you moving forward.


Top Rep Boston